Ocean secrets

Uncanny kingdom of fungi 

I like weirdos.


Perhaps this will give you a clue to the question of my identity as a photographer 


What is my favourite topic?

WelI, I am spellbound by the versatility and diversity of fungi.


I cannot stop staring on yeast while baking at my kitchen. The process of rapid devouring the sugar and frantic reproduction is mesmerising to me. Every time mould appears in a jam jar (I bet I'm not the only one to be surprised by uninvited guests in my fridge) I admire the ideal circles of white or velvety green fungi growing on my favourite raspberry jam. 


There are over 70 thousand fungi species on Earth. Most likely even more, waiting to be discovered and named. Aliens so different from any other living organisms of our Blue Planet. Diversity of forms, astonishing colours, uncanny beauty. My never-ending object of wonder.