I am always after colours. If anyone asks me about the distinctive feature of my photography I would definitely say - colour. Colours mean to me life, emotions, energy. Sometimes only colour nails the picture. 


Capturing the instant moment at its best and keep memories of it and/or giving better understanding of a process or phenomena. Picture frozen in time gives a chance to look closer, have a think about what we see and finally notice something what we have missed due to size or complexity. In a certain way photographs simplify reality bringing forward a point of focus.


My locations are seldom splendid

Location is not important.
A moment is essential 

In my view photography is not about technical perfection so I am not very keen to improving pictures more than it's necessary. Taking photographs and making them are two different things. Both are creative processes of telling the stories however it tells a lot about how the photographer perceives the world, what is important with such perspective. Certainly choosing a subject or specyfic angle is still playing with perception. It makes photography always an act of creation, no matter if we compose unrealistic scene, which is an exciting imagination trip, or trying to frame a piece of a big picture. 

Since the forest is the thing I cannot live without, nature photos came naturally into my focus. Small living creatures, plants and fungi - I have always been deeply fascinated by these mysterious worlds which are not being noticed in our daily rush, but exists at our fingertips with such a generous variety of details, colours, shapes and patterns.


I would like images and feelings to emerge from my paintings, such as the smell of the soil after the rain, the feeling when the sun touches skin in the late  summer afternoon, view of the thousands shades of green of the woodland, or the icy cold beauty of the winter desert that the lake turns into during the cold January nights.


These photos are my natural therapy, mindfulness sessions or escape from ordinariness, ugliness and tiredness. 


I have always been looking either down or high up. Never straight forward

However, wherever I am, I try to explore and investigate my surrounding. And believe me, every time I discover something new and surprising. Depends on season, angle or unexpected events the places change and evolve in something new and captivating. Moment is an emotion. Emotion is life. Panta rhei.

Nature photography – love from first sight

Macro– and microcosm above my head

and beneath my feet